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Integrated. Intelligent. Interoperable.

Integrated networks and platforms are critical for delivering a single view for successful strategic and tactical military deployment.

Using AI and other advanced technologies, we partner with our customers within the military community to deliver advanced integrated and mission critical solutions to meet the concept of operations needs.
In addition to command-and-control architecture, BCI Defence has built-in advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. Each solution is designed by BCI Defence engineers using innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a fully interoperable platform solution for modern day combat.

In a world so fundamentally connected, cyber defence has become vital in any strategy to safeguard sensitive information and assets, especially given the rising threat of attacks in terms of volume and complexity. BCI Defence is your go-to ally in the fight against threats, offering an array of tools designed to scale up your cybersecurity platforms and add provisions for prevention, detection and response.

BCI Defence employs an aggressive approach to neutralizing cyber threats, whether defensive or offensive, allowing us to identify, track, and stop confirmed or suspected attackers

The theatre of operations heavily relies on critical network security that enables key information to be delivered to operators within the field. BCI Defence provides end-to-end, high-speed Mesh and 4G LTE networks that deliver instant access to critical information needed by operators within the field. This ensures data can be retrieved at high speeds on the battlefield with any 4G LTE-enabled laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

BCI Defence delivers Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) that feature self-forming / self-healing, link adaptation, adaptive routing, transparent IP networking, multi-cast traffic, multi-channel networks. Such capabilities provide robust, high-speed connectivity in mission-critical operational scenarios where permanent wireless infrastructure is unavailable.

BCI Defence delivers satellite platforms that incorporate the latest technologies in Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems. This enables the satellites to deliver the best performance at a minimum dynamic channel size, while allowing for automatic allocation of the resources. Our Solution allows operations to improve communications with the field teams cost effectively through satellite.

Protecting critical infrastructure and personnel against drone attacks has become a mandatory capability within modern warfare. BCI Defence has partnered with world-class technology providers to offer truly tailor-made solutions in the arena of anti-drone systems. Our solutions include AI-based technology to detect, identify, track, respond and learn from inbound attacks, while keeping your airspace secure.


BCI Defence provides scalable tunnel detection solutions that incorporate the latest hardware and software technologies. The systems recognise tunnelling up to a depth of 1,000 feet underground, and across a surface distance of up to 1,500 feet from the system’s sensors. This enables command-and-control centres to identify and notify soldiers of tunnelling activity, while ensuring the appropriate countermeasures can be made.

BCI Defence delivers a wide array of perimeter security solutions that are multi-layered and enhanced with a combination of hardware and software including vibration or inertia sensors, microwave detectors, surface watch radar, video analytics platforms, and PTZ EO/IR Sensors.

To effectively enforce entry and exit operations across boarder lines, BCI Defence has designed an advanced border security solution. Utilising state-of-the-art connectivity between sensors and command posts, a reliable network can be adapted to the mission’s field environment.

Engineered for Excellence

BCI Defence, a LMSA Engineering company,
has a track record of nearly three decades of delivering engineering excellence.

BCI Defence, a LMSA Engineering company,
has a track record of nearly three decades of delivering engineering excellence.

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