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BCI Defence is an assembly of leading specialists in the fields of defence and public safety, with a shared passion for creating a safer, more sustainable future for humanity.

Today, the world stands at a major developmental crossroads — one that will arguably define the 21st century and the evolution of core global sectors, particularly defence. With the growing reliance on digital storage and technology for the world’s most crucial applications, the defence landscape is increasingly set to define the challenges of the future.


With a proven track record of nearly three decades, BCI Defence is strategically placed to propel the evolution of the defence sector and to help organisations and governments leverage cutting-edge technologies to curb the impact of these universal challenges. 


BCI Defence believes in building a better future for generations to come. We recognise the importance of being a truly international company and are proud of having an incredible mix of people who epitomize the concept of human collaboration and achievement, even in the face of enormous challenges.

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The human race has spent the better part of its history developing means of defence based on perimeter security, not knowing that global population growth and increasing geopolitical complexity will render many of these means obsolete.

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Engineered for a changing world.

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