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Today, defence is an ever-growing field that is increasingly governed by the advancement of a number of core technologies. More importantly, natural disasters, transnational crime and other complex threats are increasing globally, creating the need for a more rapid and coordinated response from first responders.

BCI Defence provides defence and public safety solutions that deliver enhanced situational awareness and immediate access to critical information for rapid response, which saves lives and protects vital infrastructure. Our primary services among others  span anti-drone systems, LTE private networks, tunnel detection systems, and cybersecurity solutions.

Modern-day defence and public safety demands the amalgam of specialised systems that not only intercommunicate but also overlap in their functions. Such systems require the development of tailored concepts that operate under a single point for command, control, communications, computation, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.


LTE Private Networks


BCI DEFENCE can provide end-to-end, high-speed Mesh and 4G LTE networks that deliver instant access to critical information needed by law enforcement, first responders, government agencies, military personnel, and energy. Users can retrieve data at high speeds with any 4G LTE-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, or mobile hotspots.

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Engineered for a changing world.

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